Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Digitizing of Embroidery

The Digitizing of Embroidery is a unique technique using which the art work can be converted into a stitch file which is readable by an embroidery machine and this can be converted by the machines into different forms of stitches.

These art work files are then checked by the digitizer to see if they need to be enhanced for the purpose of embroidery digitizing service. All the logos can fit the bill for embroidery; many have to be simplified before they can be effectively used.

After the procedure of editing and making changes in the graphic programs has been completed then the file can be converted into a embroidery format which has several templates which allow the creation of stitch files.

The Embroidery Digitizing programs how the pathing in the logo will be run which will determine how the design of the embroidery will look when the design is completed. The process of pathing also demarcates the time taken for making the design on the embroidery machine.

Digitization needs to be carried out with a lot of precision and it can be done only by people who are well trained in the process. It is a fairly time consuming process and the cost for the process if 1$ per every 1000 stitches.

The designs which are created using this process can be in the form of cartoons, celebrity posters, floral patterns, funny designs, various types of dogs and several other miscellaneous designs as per the choice of the customers.

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