Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Difference Between Digitizing Service and Vector Service

In today's world of embroidery, buyers often to hear the two services from vendors. One of the services purchased, and the other is vector. These services include processing of images in a new file format for high-quality, which is essential in best quality logo or design. Is the difference between a vector and image capture? It is the focal point of this post.

Service capture and vector service has two methods of modern embroidery. In the legend, tested for the design or logo of your computer and with the support of digitizing software; operator or embroidery digitizer was able to convert as soon as typical of Stitch in the listing. It is essential to convert an image or logo from the original mask, because that is the only format that supports the computer embroidery machine and read.

Meanwhile, in the operation of a vector object is also used to create vector graphics editors. Vector images have passed resolution services are usually independent and scalable. You can pass by the highest quality, or reduced without loss of quality.

In addition to the created with the vector has a shape not easy choppy so the overall quality of the proposal is absolutely incomparable. The price of the services digitisation is much cheaper than vector. However, depending on the traffic, both embroidery digitizing service are done in less than 24 hours.


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