Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Embroidery Digitizing at Your Service

The waves of technology have left none untouched. With technology sky rocketing, there has been a drastic change in the fashion world as well. One such change that has swept the fashion world is digitizing. Gone are the days when the tailoring and designing work was done by tailors who were skilled and mastered their art.

Now it is the time of self designing your clothes. People love to design their own stuff and get immense pleasure in doing so. One such technology that gives this pleasure is Digitizing.

In Embroidery digitizing a pre designed software is already set which depending upon the input given by the user gives various design options out of which the user is fee to select what he/she likes. Embroidery digitizing is a technology wherein a specially designed program converts the pictures into stitches which later are read by the embroidery unit.

We at Stitch Graphic Interchange serve our users with this unique technology. We offer many free designs and otherwise also when a user wants to buy any product, we are considered to be the most reasonably paid embroidery digitizing providers. We have various designs available at various prices depending upon the complexity of the design asked for.

Along with embroidery digitizing we also provide our clients with vector conversion service. All our designers are formally trained in graphic design and fine arts making all our designs worthy and attractive. With such esteemed and skilled team, it makes easy for us to maintain 24 hour turnaround time, lowest pricing and best quality.


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